Workshop Handouts: Robert Wicks

2022 Festival of Homiletics handouts include:  Robert Wicks Lecture: “Riding the Dragon: Preventing Secondary Stress in Ministry” Access the PDF on Relevant Books by the Presenter

Welcome to the Festival of Homiletics 2022: Preaching After the Storm

Preachers, we are confronting a collective trauma and we have yet to realize fully its global, national, ecclesial, and individual effects.  There’s no going back to life before the storm.  So what does our preaching need to be and do going forward?  If COVID-19 has taught us anything homiletically, it’s that trauma should be a […]

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Worship bulletins for 2022 Festival

Person standing in church with open Bible.

In an effort to reduce paper waste, there are not print versions of the worship bulletins at the 2022 Festival of Homiletics. All bulletin materials will be projected on screens in the worship areas and accessible below for advance printing. You can access all PDF bulletins from this shared Google folder. Note: Wifi will be limited […]