Introducing the Digital Platform

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The Festival of Homiletics 2024 is hosted online on a platform called RingCentral. If you’ve purchased digital access, you’ll also be able to watch recordings of worship and lectures until Aug. 30, 2024.  

Before the event, we invite you to orient yourself to the online platform with this brief video walkthrough: 

Take a video tour of the 2024 platform with online festival host Precious Nwaobia!

We look forward to “seeing” you online on May 13th at 6pm Eastern! 

How to access the platform

All paid registrants received a link to the digital platform in the confirmation email from Festival of Homiletics | Faith+Lead ( when they signed up.

Click on the blue “Enter event” button in the confirmation email to access the Festival livestreams and recordings.

Once you’ve logged in, take a closer look at the different parts of the Festival online platform:


Upon login, you’ll land in the Reception area, where you’ll find key information like the link. You’ll also be able to see tabs with event description, schedule, sponsors, and speakers. Here’s an example from the 2024 Festival:


In the Venues section, you’ll find real-time viewing, chat and Q&A on two stages at once. Note that all times are adjusted to your browser’s timezone.

Replay (recordings)

Miss a session? 2024 Recordings are now available in the Replay section. (Note that this option is only active on desktop display, not on mobile or app versions of the platform.)

Click on the date buttons at the top to filter recordings by date. Also, note that recordings are sorted according to venue, so you may need to scroll down to Stage: Calvary Episcopal if you don’t see the recording you’re looking for in the first group.


The sidebar allows you to participate in Event Chat, Venue Chat, Q&A during sessions (when enabled), and use the My Agenda tab to select the presentations you don’t want to miss. Simply type a message in the box at the bottom and click send. The Chat threads will be cleared out at the end of each livestream session (i.e., during lunch breaks and at the end of the day’s sessions.) Finally, In the upper right corner you’ll find Announcements, Direct Messages, and Notifications as well.

Festival App

The online festival experience is available via app as well. Search for “RingCentral Events” on Play Store or App Store to download the app for the 2024 festival. 

Download the RingCentral Events app via App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and log in using the email you used to register for the festival for real-time access. You’ll be connected to festival content on your mobile device. 

Note: A few features function differently on the app: 

  • Notifications are only available in desktop or mobile (not app); and 
  • Chat and Q&A functions are not active on the app until the livestream is active.

Free Livestream

A free livestream will also be available from East Liberty Presbyterian each day. Sign up here to gain access to that public stream in real time. Remember that all times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

Don’t miss out! Purchase recordings today

If you missed the chance to participate in the 2024 Festival of Homiletics, purchase the recordings package! You don’t want to miss all the uplifting sermons and lectures. 

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