Lecture “Hindsight Preaching When the Future is Uncertain”

This presentation focuses on an uncertain future with 20/20 Hindsight ( literally 2020 hindsight!). The challenge is for preaching that compels the church to reclaim her calling as prophetic-priest in a pandemic world. Ours is a forgotten, seldom told story of wounded healers in a community that is formed in a world of division. The 21st century pulpit needs different patterns than 19th century revivalism or 20th century evangelicalism- each, in different ways leaving a wake of trauma. This closing lecture challenges those familiar practices by offering a not-so-simple call to love as truth-telling, system dismantling, Spirit-empowered activism. It’s not what you think.

Session at a Glance

Time: 9:30am
Venue: Trinity UMC

Festival of Homiletics
2481 Como Ave
St Paul MN 55108
fax: 651-641-3531