Morning Break: Sponsored by Faith+Lead

Faith+Lead is Luther Seminary’s connected learning hub for Christian leaders exploring how to connect with God, tell the story, cultivate community, practice justice, and shift ministry models in order to be faithful and effective in the 21st century.

How We Work – Get to know the core theological commitments and practices grounding the Faith+Lead team.

We believe:

  • The Triune God is at work in the world.
  • God is with us.
  • The good news of Jesus Christ is a matter of life and death for the whole world.
  • The Holy Spirit will continue to gather and sustain the local church.
  • God is the primary leader of the local church.
  • Following Jesus means joining God’s work in daily life.

We embody these beliefs by:

  • Listening—because that’s where innovation starts.
  • Reflecting—because defining the problem takes time and care.
  • Experimenting—because we discover the future as we try new things.
  • Collaborating—because change happens best together.
  • Implementing breakthrough practices—because practices transform culture.
  • Being hosted by our neighbors—because Jesus gathers us in order to send us out.

Session at a Glance

Time: 9:30am
Venue: Central Presbyterian & Trinity UMC

Festival of Homiletics
2481 Como Ave
St Paul MN 55108
fax: 651-641-3531