Amelia and Emily Nagoski

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Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., is a sex educator and author of Come As You Are: The surprising new science that will transform your sex life. Her job is to travel all over the world, training therapists, medical professionals, college students, and the general public about the science of women’s sexual wellbeing.

Amelia Nagoski, D.M.A. (it stands for Doctorate of Musical Arts), was an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Music at Western New England University. Her job is to run around waving her arms and making funny noises and generally doing whatever it takes to help singers get in touch with their internal experience.

In that way, her work is very much like Emily’s. Emily’s Masters’ degree is in counseling and Amelia’s is in choral conducting; one day they realized they both got graduate degrees in how to listen and feel feelings, which maybe says something about their shared childhood? They co-authored the  book, Burnout: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle.It’s for women who feel overwhelmed and exhausted by all they have to do, yet worrying that they’re not doing “enough.”

They both live in New England with a variety of cats, dogs, and spouses. Yes, they’re twins. Yes, they’re identical. Yes, one time they pretended to be each other; it did not go well.

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