Educational Opportunities Tours

Educational Opportunities Tours is a Christian travel ministry that has been delivering Christian journeys of a lifetime for over 50 years. Travelers have joined EO around the world on Holy Land pilgrimages, Bible land expeditions – by land and sea, Church heritage tours, retreat cruises, and cultural explorations. EO’s travel experts and on-site hospitality staff […]

Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA

Welcome to our hometown! As the local Lutherans, we would be glad to offer recommendations for what to do in our fair city. Just stop by our table to say hello or ask a question. Peace be with yinz. Our mission: To serve, connect, and equip ELCA congregations in southwestern Pennsylvania to tell the story […]


At LeaderWise, our mission is to foster spirit-filled leaders for lives of service. We empower leaders to lead with purpose, passion, and integrity. We believe that healthy leaders are the key to creating healthy organizations, and we are committed to improving the well-being and effectiveness of leaders in all organizations, with a special focus on […]

Elias Tours

Contact Information Explore the world’s most sacred sites with our family-owned company, A trusted partner for Christian tour leaders in faith-based expeditions. Born and raised in the Holy Land, Elias has been impacted by tourism all his life. As a 20th-century child of Bethlehem, Elias has seen the good and bad sides of tourism.  With three generations […]