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Whether it’s on the Gettysburg or Philadelphia campus, or within our Distributed Learning Community, ULS is witness to and participates in the work of God in the world through spiritual leadership, public advocacy, impactful worship, and care of neighbor. We are a Reconciling in Christ seminary.

Dr. Crystal Hall Coaching for Women in Ministry

Dr. Crystal Hall Coaching for Women in Ministry is for when you have way too much going on and think you’re not doing enough. When you’re writing the sermon late into Saturday night when you would rather be relaxing with loved ones. When you struggle to extend yourself the same grace you so freely extend […]

Global Refuge

Global Refuge is here to support your congregations in living out our Biblical call to welcome the stranger. Explore resources available to encourage, educate, and engage your congregation in the work of welcome.

The Bridge for Early Career Preachers

The Bridge for Early Career Preachers seeks to support those who are in their first seven years of congregational ministry and preaching at least one third of the opportunities in a calendar year. As such, we aspire to serve those who are in a transitional stage, moving from “aspiring” to “active” preachers, setting the stage […]