Thursday Social Media Highlights from #Homiletics2019

Festival of Homiletics

Another powerhouse day of #Homiletics2019! Here are some social media highlights from Thursday.
Melissa Krabbe is a self-proclaimed architecture nerd, and we get behind the appreciation Melissa is building.
No spoilers, since this hype by @Dr_Irie uplifts the women who brought fire without any dragons.
Amy Courts our attention with this highlight from Rev. Traci Blackmon on preaching the social Gospel.
Traci Blackmon resonated with many people, including Program Director Karoline Lewis.
Rosalind Hind is not the only one who got goosebumps from Dr. Melva Sampson’s truth about the Resurrection.
Can you believe it? In less than 24 hours, our little peek into worship Thursday has been viewed over 2300 times – glad that worshipping God and appreciating your togetherness resonates with so many people!