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To inspire your preaching life right now, register for a free download of “The Quick-Start Guide to Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday,” an adaptable, spiritual process to finish your sermon on your schedule.

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At Backstory Preaching, we know you want to inspire your listeners to love God and neighbor with sermons that bring scripture to life.

You want to preach messages you believe in—in your *own* words, with your *own* unique voice—every time you enter the pulpit.

The problem is you’re on a relentless weekly deadline, and the chaos of ministry life leaves you drained. You’re determined to squeeze sermon prep into the spare minutes of your week, but too often, you find yourself panicking at the eleventh hour about what you’re going to preach. You don’t want to rely on the internet, but you don’t have a process you can depend on every week to discern your own ideas.

The worst part? Sermon prep—which should be a fun, creative, restorative time of connection with God—becomes a dreaded burden of stress.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe every preacher can thrive in and out of the pulpit. That’s why we created our popular Sermon Camps, our year-long Mentorship program, and our 1-hour video course, Sermon 52 Framework. These offerings help preachers integrate spirituality, process, and craft to:

✅ establish a reliable process to save time and reduce stress
✅ connect with God during sermon prep
✅ discern authentic messages of good news with confidence
✅ craft sermons they can’t wait to preach
✅ and *enjoy* the process!

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