Cottonpatch Designs

Cottonpatch Designs specializes in enhancing Sacred Spaces through textile art, including vestments, paraments, and banners. Jenna Bruns is the artist/owner and works with all denominations, including Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, and Roman Catholic, to design and create unique pieces for specific worship communities. For custom pieces, Jenna starts with pencil and color artwork, receiving input from the client at every step. Most pieces are crafted using 100% high-quality cotton, machine appliqued, and quilted. In addition to cotton, she also works with dupioni silk, brocades, and linen. Jenna’s craftsmanship is superb and attention to detail is evident in every piece she creates.

While custom work is Jenna’s forte, she also designs and creates stoles and banners that are readily available for purchase. These pre-designed pieces can be purchased through the Cottonpatch Designs website.

“My artwork is intended to enhance the beauty of the worship space (being created specifically for that space) and to provide a visual message for the worship experience. Broadly stated, the design elements and colors offer a visual interpretation of God’s love for all of us, although every individual connects with my art in their own way; through their own faith experiences.”