Dr. Crystal Hall Coaching for Women in Ministry

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Visit https://www.crystalhallphd.com/stop-writing-your-sermon-on-your-day-off to register for your free 5-part video series to learn how you, as a woman in ministry, can stop writing your sermon on your day off.

Dr. Crystal Hall Coaching for Women in Ministry is for when you have way too much going on and think you’re not doing enough. When you’re writing the sermon late into Saturday night when you would rather be relaxing with loved ones. When you struggle to extend yourself the same grace you so freely extend to others because you think you’re never doing enough.

With coaching you stop the interruptions when it feels like your office is an endless revolving door. Manage your relationships with your office administrator and lead volunteers when they’re taking up tons of emotional energy. Check your pastoral visits off the list instead of always worrying about when you’ll get around to them.

With coaching you create a sustainable relationship between your work and family life. Where you let go of the exhaustion and resentment that lead to burnout. And let go of all the busyness and create abundant time for everything that’s a priority.

Coaching comes up alongside women in ministry like you to tap your inner wisdom and find your own best answers. Creating the life-giving ministry you want starts with a free coaching consultation. Book yours now at www.crystalhallphd.com