Milestones Ministry

Milestones Ministry produces resources for faith formation and outreach. These resources nurture the Christian faith in daily life, help strengthen relationships, and nurture the kind of bond that encourages meaningful memories for the home and the congregation. They provide opportunities to reach out to others with the love of God in Christ in experiential, relational ways for all generations. The work of Milestones Ministry is based on decades of research that identifies four foundational practices called the Four Key Faith Practices: 1) Caring Conversations, 2) Devotions, 3) Service, and 4) Rituals and Traditions. These basic faith practices are evident in Scripture, church history, and modern research. It is through such practices that faith is transmitted between the generations. The Four Key Faith Practices provide the essential structure that are at the core of many of our resources like Taking Faith Home (a weekly faith formation guide based on the Revised Common Lectionary), Bible Study Based on Taking Faith Home, and Milestone Moments and Modules.

These products create opportunities to nurture the Christian faith by recognizing meaningful, memorable moments in our daily lives and connecting them to our life of faith. We provide other resources that help households and congregations engage in delightful and meaningful experiences to grow in grace together. These other resources include FaithTalk Cards, FaithTalk with Children Coloring and Activity Sheets, Taking Faith Home Cards, leadership books, blessing bowls , and “pocket stones” that are paired with various milestones.