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Pulpit Fiction includes two weekly podcasts based on the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary. The Pulpit Fiction Podcast and Pulpit Fiction Narrative Cast are rooted in progressive theology and constantly evolving scholarship. For nearly ten years, Pulpit Fiction has been a source of conversation, inspiration, and inciteful commentary. Hosts Robb McCoy and Eric Fistler are mainline pastors working each week for other pastors. Weekly guests help provide further commentary from a variety of perspectives. There are also monthly interviews that give listeners a chance to hear from well-known authors like Brian McLaren, Jacqui Lewis, and Diana Butler Bass. They also search for guests beyond the keynote speakers like Native American activist Sarah Augustine and former St. Louis police officer turned pastor Terrel Carter. Each week, two podcasts include extensive exegetical notes with quotes and links to other resources. Many listeners to Pulpit Fiction feel like it is an indispensable part of their week, helping to get creative and exegetical juices flowing as they prepare for their sermon.