Resurrection Fabrics

Clergy Stoles from Upcycled Fabric.

I hope you will find a stole that will enhance your worship leadership, or that will be a cherished gift for an ordination or installation. I’m an retired ordained United Church of Christ pastor, and I have made each stole myself.

Contact Information

Based in central Connecticut, I’m an ordained United Church of Christ pastor. Everything that goes into each stole apart from thread, interfacing and the occasional appliqué is up-cycled fabric. I search for fabric in thrift stores, selecting curtains, tablecloths, neckties, shawls, drapery, and any other fabric that catches my eye. These stoles are handmade by me. I enjoy hunting for fabric, hand-selecting each unique curtain, tablecloth or other item that will become a beautiful stole. Thrift stores are my fabric stores! I am also happy to do custom jobs. And, shipping is free! Let’s talk!