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Steeplebush Stoles is the artistic collaboration of two long time quilters and UCC “Church Ladies”. After years of seeing clergy wearing lackluster stoles, we decided to merge our quilting art with stole design. Thus the beginning of Steeplebush Stoles.

Our love of quilting and fabric art shines through on every stole. Bright colors, intricate patterns, and precision “craft womanship” are evident in every piece we create. We make unique stoles geared to every color of liturgical seasons.

Most know the colors associated with the seasons but consider these:

  • Orange – protest against gun violence
  • Yellow – celebrate God’s light in the world
  • Rainbow – celebrate we are open to all

Steeplebush Stoles strives to give you the most for your dollar and creates stoles which can be reversed. A rainbow on one side and purple or green on the other. It’s our way of saying thanks for the work you do.

While you are dreaming of your new stole, we also offer:

  • Stoles for clergy class graduations
  • Team stoles, specialty staff for camp clergy
  • Coordinating Co-pastor stoles
  • Re-imagining a stole from your worn but beloved stole
  • Altar cloths and banners for your church space

Our Stole-N-Go stoles are much smaller and perfect for purse or backpack so you are ready for hospital or home visits or a protest march. They come with a “Keep Clean” carry pouch. We would love to help you create your dream stole. Leave it to Steeplebush Stoles.