Worship Design Studio

Discounted Services

Receive a discounted offer of three worship series or subscription.

Imagine the ability to create amazing sensory-rich worship experiences that empower your worship staff/volunteers and ultimately, your congregation… and you don’t have to start from scratch! Our fully-scripted series include:

• all liturgies, including leader transitions, children’s time scripts, communion liturgies
• original theme and prayer song music as well as hymn/song/anthem suggestions
• visual installation and media suggestions, including logo images and video trailers
• sermon fodder based on solid exegesis to get your own creative juices flowing
• small group suggestions and individual devotional materials
• access to a community of churches utilizing and collaborating on the material!

We are here to help ease the burden of planning meaningful and moving worship services. You don’t have to do it alone! Our fully-scripted and ready-to-adapt worship series encourage your own growth and capabilities for connecting people to greater hope, love, joy, compassion and open-mindedness.

Worship Design Studio is committed to building up the church by empowering congregations to celebrate and utilize their inherent creativity and diversity in order to worship fully, thereby forming the Body to make the world a better place.