Sojourners Presentation: “Protecting Imago Dei in an Election Year”

Sojourners is a founding member and co-leader of Faiths United to Save Democracy, a nonpartisan, multi-racial, multi-faith, and multigenerational voter protection campaign rooted in the belief that everyone is made in the image of God and deserves the freedom to vote. Join Sojourners President Rev. Adam Taylor and Director of Racial Justice Rev. Moya Harris […]

Pause & Reflect: Cathedral Yoga in the Main Sanctuary

Led by Dawn Yamuna Morgenstern Yoga is a Divine practice. Come enjoy the inexplicably special and unique experience of yoga on the altar in a cathedral—among stained glass and at the feet of Jesus at the Last Supper… The sacredness of the space transforms the practice. Combine with poetry, music, and poses to soothe the […]

Pause & Reflect: Taizé Prayer in the Chapel

Led by Rev. BJ Woodworth. Join us for Taizé! A time of prayerful song and quiet meditation. Allow the spaciousness of the chapel, the icons, the dim lighting, the Taizé community chants, and the silence itself to hold you and give you peace as we “center down… sit quietly… and see oneself pass by” (Howard […]