All 2024 Recordings Are Now Available

If you registered and participated in the 2024 Festival—either in person or online—you can access all recordings of worship and lectures through August! The digital team has posted all the 2024 recordings for those who previously registered and participated.

How to access recordings (paid registrants)

All paid registrants received a link to the digital platform in the confirmation email from Festival of Homiletics | Faith+Lead ( when they signed up.

Click on the blue “Enter event” button in the confirmation email to access the Festival livestreams and recordings.

Upon login, you’ll land in the Reception area, where you’ll find key information, including access to recordings by clicking on the Replay button in the lefthand nav (viewable on desktop version only, not available on mobile or app versions):

Watch recordings in Replay section

Paid registrants have access to all 2024 recordings in the Replay section. Click on the date buttons at the top to filter recordings by date. Also, note that recordings are sorted according to venues (called Stages).

Purchase access

If you did not participate in the Festival and would like to view recordings, you can access them by purchasing the Recordings ticket on our Registration page

Additional content (not recorded)

The workshops at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary were not recorded, but you can find summaries of two of them here: 

Thank you to all our sponsors, whose support makes the Festival of Homiletics possible.   

All Photos by Keith Andrew Spencer, Festival Photographer.