Thursday Highlights (May 18)

It has been a joy to worship and learn together in person and online during this #Homiletics2023. On this final day, we received wisdom, insights and practical advice on craft from both well known and first-time preachers for the Festival of Homiletics. Carry back with you the promise of Barbara Lundblad’s closing sermon: “after it’s over, it isn’t over”! 

Will Willimon

Otis Moss III

Workshop takeaways: expand your crate (preaching not just on beats 1 & 3), practice, traffic in story, record a glorious mix tape!

Joy J. Moore

“I’ve heard ‘if you want to be a pastor you need to love people like cat people like cats. Cat people love alllll cats. Cute, young, old, grumpy, they just love cats’”

Cynthia Hale

“God is not into settling, and neither should we be”

“This is the atmosphere in which God likes to work—God loves to make something out of nothing.”

Amy-Jill Levine

Rosemary Bray McNatt

Samuel Cruz

Barbara Lundblad

“After it’s over, it isn’t over.” Maybe John gave us a model for continuing the story.