Tuesday (May 14) Highlights

Festival participants in prayer

#Homiletics2024 is off to a great start in Pittsburgh AND wherever you are joining from. We’ve logged 180 pins from 7 countries on the Festival Google Map and invite you to pin your location on the map.

So many different sessions to choose from on Tuesday! We started off at East Liberty Presbyterian with a sermon on Psalm 124 by the incomparable Emilie Townes titled “The Theology of Somehow.”

Thema Bryant followed with “A Word for Trauma Survivors: Pathways to Healing and Wholeness”

At Calvary Episcopal, Pádraig Ó Tuama led two morning sessions — a lecture titled “Power, Control, and Story” followed by an interview with Karoline Lewis.

And here’s a poem shared by Pádraig Ó Tuama to close out the interview.

Lunch hour session with Platinum Sponsor Sojourners

Adam Taylor and Moya Harris shared a presentation called “Protecting Imago Dei in an Election Year” that focused on Faiths United to Save Democracy, a nonpartisan, multi-racial, multi-faith, and multigenerational voter protection campaign.

A full afternoon — four different sessions happening at the same time!

Anna Carter Florence delivered a lecture at East Liberty — “She Wasn’t on the Roof: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba, the Women of Jesus’ Genealogy”

Mark Andrew Jefferson provided a double-header at Calvary Episcopal — first a lecture “Creating on the Edge of Chaos: Preaching as Personal Revival” followed by a sermon on Luke 4:16-32 titled “Community of a Cliff.”

Karoline Lewis and Matt Skinner presented a workshop on “Homiletical Self-Care When Every Text is Out to Get You”

Grace Ji-Sun Kim led a workshop on her newest book, When God Became White

Back at East Liberty Presbyterian, Amy Butler preached on Matthew 13:1-9, the parable of the sower: “Letting Go for Dear Life”

Ray Aldred led a workshop titled “Preaching from the Heart: Reconciliation in a Polarized Society.” Find a separate blog post summarizing this session.

Anna Carter Florence’s workshop, “The Difference It Makes to Block a Text,” presented an interactive look into the specific techniques that she shared in the lecture earlier in the day.

Rachel Adel Postler presented Pause & Reflect: Expressive Art session at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

And at East Liberty Presbyterian, Pause & Reflect: Taizé Prayer in the Chapel, led by BJ Woodworth, closed out the program on Tuesday.

Photo credit: All photos in this post by Keith Andrew Spencer, Festival Photographer.