What’s Different About Festival of Homiletics 2024?

An older gentleman pouring water from a clear pitcher into a clear bason in between two women in contemplative stances

Maybe you’ve experienced the Festival of Homiletics before, in a way some have described as “drinking from a firehose” because there is such an abundance of riveting preaching and lectures to take in during such a short period of time. If that sounds wonderful but not nurturing, and what you actually need is space and ways to practice reframing your preaching life, we want to make sure you know that this year’s Festival has a different approach. 

Our theme is “Sustaining and Nurturing the Preaching Life” and we mean it. This year at the Festival of Homiletics we are curating nurturing spaces for you as a preacher, to not only hear someone talk about nurturing a sustainable preaching life, but to practice it. 

At the 3 sites for this year’s Festival—Calvary Episcopal, East Liberty Presbyterian, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary—there will be opportunities to be inspired and reinvigorated, but also to face frankly what patterns can burn out a preacher and what needs to change for the preaching life to be sustainable for you. 

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will host workshops such as “A Spirituality of Preaching” and “Preaching from the Connected Self. Pause and reflect opportunities will be as diverse as expressive art, Taize, visual art displays, and yoga. 

This is all in pursuit of not just an uplifting week for you, but an actual understanding of our patterns and how to create new ones. 

Join us for a different kind of Festival this year!