Festival 2023 Speaker Lineup

bikers in the forefront of the city of Minneapolis, MN

What will you take away from the scholars and ministers at this year’s Festival of Homiletics?

  • A phrase you will be using for years to come
  • A new perspective on a text laden with familiar interpretations, or 
  • A manner of proclamation that strikes differently at this moment in time

You may have read their books or newsletters, heard their preaching, or remember their teaching from your seminary days. The speakers at this year’s Festival of Homiletics are trusted pastors, professors of homiletics or biblical studies, bishops, and thought leaders in the public square. When considering how to preach hope for a weary world, theirs are the voices you want ringing in your ears. Process all that you hear with colleagues, as a faith community during the Festival. Bring your own weariness and cultivate hope alongside:

And the following, all in-person in Minneapolis, May 15-18, 2023: 

Timothy Adkins-Jones

Jay Augustine

Rosemary Bray McNatt

Anna Carter Florence

Samuel Cruz

Michael Curry 

Leah Gunning Francis

Cynthia Hale

James Howell

Rolf Jacobson

Shannon Johnson Kershner

Mihee Kim-Kort

Raquel S. Lettsome

Karoline Lewis

Barbara Lundblad

Peter Marty

Jonathan Merritt

Veronice Miles 

Joy J. Moore

Luke Powery

Melva Sampson

Matt Skinner

All paid registrants (in-person and online) will also have access to these bonus speakers online only:

Jana Childers 

Kenyatta Gilbert 

Yolanda Pierce 

Angela D. Sims 

Kimberly Wagner 

Richard Ward 

Sam Wells 

Robert Wright

Mark your calendar and register today! Act before February 16, 2023, to receive the early-bird discount for in-person registration.