Monday Highlights (May 15)

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Anna Carter Florence’s sermon on Rahab inspired opening worship: “Listening at the Edges and Inside the Wall”

You shouted out insights you’ll be holding onto into the night on social media and the Hopin platform:

“Some texts, even our beloved texts, are in need of massive disruption, so that we can preach hope to a weary world.”

“Rahab has not always been allowed to disrupt the theological toxins in her own story”

“She’s not the owner of the house, but she knows all the hidden passageways.” 

“’Our Life For Yours’—there’s a mission statement for Christian congregations you won’t see, I think!”

“Another people’s liberation is not a threat but essential to our survival”

Earlier, Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence said, “Rahab does not assume that God’s liberation is primarily for her people, but she can see it beyond the walls and she is open to it.” Even after all these years, since the time in which Rahab would have lived, we (as the church) are still struggling to see beyond the walls….and to be open to what God is doing for others. ALL people are people who have been created in the image of God, even those—especially those—who live beyond the walls.

The liturgists, musicians and communion led us quickly into worshipful community

Jay Augustine: “Prophetic Preaching in a Postmodern World” 

There’s been a tension between politics and piety… where do we go from here?

The preacher(/lawyer) lectured, and you heard:

As well we should be: prophetic in our political words—our lives are part of the polis, part of the community of people. How does our faith show up there?

“We are equal to one another because of Jesus.” Amen! 👏

“Second class citizenship is never equal.”

Keep in mind, “by those who felt ostracized.” Listening to their stories can be sobering.

Social reconciliation and civil reconciliation: “we are equal to one another because of Jesus!!”

“Divinely inspired and socially determined…. provide hope!”

Thank you for your thoughtful Q & A and faithful engagement. See you tomorrow in 2 venues!