Tuesday Highlights (May 16)

members of the band, Fleshpots of Egypt playing at the Festival of Homiletics 2023

Homiletics2023 is off to a great start in Minneapolis AND wherever you are joining from!

Emcee Dawn Hand (at Westminster) encouraged everyone at that venue before praying for Anna Carter Florence, to pause and greet those participating online: 

Whose preaching or teaching is feeding your spirit already?

From the Hopin chat: 

Thanks be to God for Michael Curry AMEN

Such balm

Terrific to hold up this lens for us preachers to view our preaching commitments! THANK YOU, Dr. Karoline! 

Somebody is finally putting words to “pastoral care from the pulpit”.

Man! There was a ton of information in that!!

Prayers and great thanks to Jay’s wisdom

Wonderful inspiring preaching in the spirit! 

Anna – thank you so much. I’m moved. And I have lots of notes. Thanks.


Say it, Dr. Veronice Miles! What if…?

She’s got me cryin’ up in here….

a jam-packed lecture – will look forward to hearing it over again with the recording.


Thank you, Bishop!

Maybe we preach unconditional love and forgiveness because we know we sure need it, I know I do. Thank you Rev. Dr. Skinner for this sermon.

Karoline Lewis (Westminster)

“The Jesus movement was a movement of the colonized.” 

“Christianity didn’t start as a theology of the powerful but a theology of the powerless.”

“When we ignore real bodies, does the Word made flesh really matter?” – Dr.Karoline Lewis

Bishop Michael Curry (Central) 

“The Holy Spirit is a wildfire, not a controlled burn!” 

Bishop Michael Curry 

“Don’t underestimate the power of witness”

When we speak up and stand up there is the possibility that evil will shut up! Amen


The first instinct is to respond to the environment itself. But no, go deep – listen to the lesson of the tree. Go deep. So deep that nothing on the surface can overcome you. Key is found in the depth, not on the surface. Go on Bishop!

Jay Augustine 

Anna Carter Florence 

Rolf Jacobson and Tripp Fuller 

Veronica Miles

Bishop Yvette Flunder

Mihee Kim-Kort

Matt Skinner

Join us tomorrow for more wisdom, inspiration and prophetic calls to action!