Rest, Breathe, and Hope for Advent

Burn out. Exhaustion. Fatigue. Do these sound familiar—feel familiar? Even as the seasons have changed in the church year and in nature, the pandemic has seemed to supersede them all in a time that some pastors have jokingly called “coronatide.” Yet, here we are in Advent, a time of promise and hope that calls to us beyond this present suffering and offers us light in a year that has felt so dimly lit, so hard to see through.

Preacher, for this season of Advent we invite you to take moments of resting in God’s presence and trusting in the promise of light. Each week of Advent we will offer a new breath prayer themed around that week’s Advent candle. Use this prayer on your own, and share it with your communities. Take a few minutes out of your day to breathe.

May you receive God’s blessing of hope.