What You’re Saying About #Homiletics2022 

You all have been great at chronicling the 2022 Festival online! Read this thorough write-up of the Festival from Mitch Randall of Good Faith Media.  Pulpit Fiction Podcast created tweet threads from several sermons/lectures.  Check out #Homiletics2022 for more and thank you for being such participatory festival-goers.  With gratitude,  FoH staff (only a fraction of […]

Friday Highlights and Takeaways

Friday morning we heard from Joy J. Moore and Bishop Robert Wright The 2022 Festival of Homiletics included participants from all over the world!  We’d love to hear what stood out most for you. Thank you to all who have been sharing their thoughts on social media #Homiletics2022  Here are some more great photos from […]

Workshop and Lecture Slides and Resources

Richard Ward workshop slides (PDF) from Tuesday 5/17 workshop entitled, “How Does a Biblical Story Heal?” – Luke 8:26-39 Slides from Kimberly Wagner’s lecture (PDF), excerpted from Fractured Ground: Preaching in the Wake of Mass Trauma, by Kimberly Wagner, Westminster John Knox Press, 2023. Politically Divided Congregations curriculum referred to by Moya Harris on Wednesday […]

Worship Leaders

Photo credits for all blog posts to Keith Spencer of Church Event Photography  The multitude of worship services at the Festival are not only comprised of sermons. We give thanks for all of the liturgists and musicians who are leading worship (even those who are difficult to capture on camera).  Same Cloth – Joslyn Ford-Keel […]

Wednesday Highlights

Where are you from? Festival attendees attending in person or online dropped pins on a global map:  Add yourself by going to: https://getethermap.org/m/festival-of-homiletics-2022 Some of us even have our pets joining us! Did you struggle to decide whether to attend Trinity or Central for worship?  (Those of us online can toggle back and forth!)  Liturgist […]

Tuesday Highlights

Whether you started Day 2 with yoga or in some other way, there was excitement in the air.  The Many are on their way! Our liturgist DR. Kelly Sherman-Conroy took a selfie of those physically worshiping at Trinity this morning.  Vashti Murphy McKenzie led worship and Thema S. Bryant lectured at Central Presbyterian Church Traci […]

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Take a look at this year’s Festival sponsors, and access our online marketplace! Festival Sponsors The Online Marketplace We are so grateful for our wonderful sponsors! They make the Festival of Homiletics possible and bring together many great resources! Check out each sponsor for more, including discount codes where applicable.

Festival 2022 Theme – After the Storm: Preaching and Trauma

Preachers, we are on the other side of a collective trauma, and we have yet to realize fully its global, national, ecclesial, and individual effects—which will be true even a year from now. Since there is no going back to life before the storm, what does our preaching need to be and do going forward? […]

Final Day Highlights from the 2021 Festival

This morning we finalized our map for where Festival participants were joining from this year. Participants attended the virtual Festival from every state in the US, much of Canada, and every continent, except Antarctica (but stay tuned, maybe we can get some participants from there, too)! As we reflect on this year’s Festival, take a […]