Opening Worship: “Sackcloth and Ashes : An Elegy for a Broken Family”. 2 Samuel 13

Liturgy by Matthew Weber

Music Arrangement by Kent Gustavson

Music by Same Cloth featuring JoFoKe (Joslyn Ford-Keel) and Solomon Chapman

Same Cloth is a Denver based project led by prolific keyboardist Solomon J. Chapman Sr. and inventive vocalist JoFoKe. Embarking upon a new musical journey, this charismatic duo combines their peculiarities and perspectives to share meaningful art. Performing original music and creatively arranged covers, Same Cloth often collaborates with musical colleagues on bass, guitar and drums to intensify their musical vision. As a unit, Same Cloth combines the diverse traditions of Black American Music to create an energetically eclectic and emotionally elevating live music experience.

Session at a Glance

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Trinity UMC

Festival of Homiletics
2481 Como Ave
St Paul MN 55108
fax: 651-641-3531