All 2024 Recordings Are Now Available

If you registered and participated in the 2024 Festival—either in person or online—you can access all recordings of worship and lectures through August! The digital team has posted all the 2024 recordings for those who previously registered and participated. How to access recordings (paid registrants) All paid registrants received a link to the digital platform […]

What to Expect at #Homiletics2024

Details for in-person attendees The 2024 Festival of Homiletics is just around the corner! We’re so glad you’ll be joining us for this time of learning, community, and renewal. Note: the next blog post will orient online participants to the Festival experience, while this one aims to help those on the ground in Pittsburgh. Neither […]

2024 Festival Sponsors and Vendors

Who makes this time of renewal and empowerment available to preachers? We are so grateful for the Festival sponsors invested in gathering preachers and leaders together for the sustaining and nurturing mission of the Festival of Homiletics.  In addition to our sponsors, you’ll also want to know the vendors with services specifically for you, preacher.   […]