Tuesday Highlights

Whether you started Day 2 with yoga or in some other way, there was excitement in the air. 

The Many are on their way!


Our liturgist DR. Kelly Sherman-Conroy took a selfie of those physically worshiping at Trinity this morning. 

Vashti Murphy McKenzie led worship and Thema S. Bryant lectured at Central Presbyterian Church

Traci Blackmon both preached for worship at Trinity UMC and led a workshop in the afternoon

“Our resilience is bound together with others.” – Traci Blackmon


Otis Moss III proclaimed the morning lecture at Trinity

“Exegete yourself first, consecrating the roux.” – Otis Moss III

Learn how to dance in the dark! 

Those on the livestream got to hear from Lisa Cressman of Backstory Preaching, with many practical ideas for sermon preparation. She reminded us to take time to do nothing, to walk while we ruminate, to prep by being otherwise occupied! Set limits, be consistent, set consequences that matter, and use lectio practices that make room for the Holy Spirit. 

Lectures and workshops by Richard Ward and Kimberly R. Wagner deepened the conversation, with questions from the in-person audience, on the premium stream chat and in the Learning Lab: 

“Can we get a copy of those slides?” “What can I read for more about this?” 

Director of the Festival of Homiletics, Karoline Lewis preached for the last worship service of Day 2

“Tears lead to testimony” – Karoline Lewis

One last workshop led by Moya Harris closed out the official programming. Or perhaps more yoga, book-ending our day.