Wednesday (May 17)

We love seeing photos of friends new and old, pets or humans experiencing #Homiletics2023 with you!

Today’s we were blessed to hear:

Melva Sampson

“Hope is a big performance. We do not have the community to hold all of our truth”

Shannon Johnson Kershner

Mary McKibben Dana

“Courage is the animating force, more than hope.”

“A coalition of the HopePunk”

Luke Powery

“If ever there was a time to put ‘praise the Lord’ on repeat, it is now”

Jonathan Merritt 

Definitions of words like “mercy” and “love” cannot be assumed. 

We’ve lost our “therefore”. The majority of people say they believe, but we do not therefore speak about it. 

“While preaching is so much more than compassion, it can never be less than that.”

Edgardo Colón-Emeric

Raquel St. Clair Lettsome

“God’s name is not I Was, but I AM!”

Timothy Adkins-Jones

Peter Marty

“Those who sacrifice the most on behalf of love, have the most authority.”

Whose words are still resonating in your soul?