Welcome to the Festival of Homiletics 2022: Preaching After the Storm

Preachers, we are confronting a collective trauma and we have yet to realize fully its global, national, ecclesial, and individual effects. 

There’s no going back to life before the storm

So what does our preaching need to be and do going forward? 

If COVID-19 has taught us anything homiletically, it’s that trauma should be a regular part of our preaching. The Festival of Homiletics 2022 will create space for learning and conversation that honors what we have been through—and what kind of preachers we want to be as survivors of the storm. 

Christian preaching knows we can’t get to the resurrection without experiencing the cross. But COVID-19 revealed that we are less aware of what it means to preach resurrection with the cross remaining.

Come renew, refresh, and recharge your spirit!

– Karoline Lewis, Director

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