Festival 2024 Speaker Lineup

The Holy Spirit speaks through your preaching to nourish the spiritual lives of many from week to week. Whose preaching reaches your heart? Perhaps it is someone you’ve encountered primarily on Instagram or through their written words. Or you’ve heard them preach to a general audience before, but not specifically to your situation. Some of our speakers might even be new to you, and you will be able to say … I first heard them in May of 2024.

The 2024 Festival of Homiletics is an opportunity for you to hear from beloved preachers, teachers and thinkers LIVE, speaking directly into your vocation. Give an enthusiastic welcome to:

Over the coming weeks and months, watch the Festival of Homiletics Instagram and Facebook accounts as we highlight many other preachers and speakers who will be joining us

We cannot tend to others without being nurtured ourselves. May the words of their mouths enliven you, and the meditations of your heart sustain you in your own practice of preaching.