First Day Highlights from the 2021 Festival

It’s nearly Pentecost and the Festival of Homiletics 2021 is off to a start, with that evocative emoji tweeted and posted with the #Homiletics2021 throughout the day by participants from all over.

We invited you to post a photo of your mug today from wherever you are joining the Festival. We love to see where all of you are tuning in from and are glad you are joining in the workshops with other groups and friends! Look for a chance to share your pet companions and other Festival fun each day.

Look for a chance to share photos of your animal companions throughout this week. We’ll post on social media for you to share who is watching the festival with you. Today, we were charmed by Lulu, the pig, who is enjoying the Festival!

Bishop Curry got us off to a great start this morning with his energizing message about putting Christ back in Christianity. Thank you for sharing what resonated with you!

The lecture sessions with Cynthia Hale and Anthea Butler provided wisdom and spoke to our current reality. Are we ready to move when it is time to move?

Rev. Eugene Cho’s powerful message ignited lots of conversation in our live chat and on Twitter. A few memorable quotes were:

Enger M. pulled this quote from the sermon into the live chat “We do NOT worship justice. We worship a JUST GOD. That’s why we pursue justice.”

A few of you have already gotten into some of the premium content, sharing your thanks for conversations with Brian McLaren and Otis Moss III. Others have that to look forward to on your own time table! 

Take a quiet moment to ponder what you experienced through today’s preachers, lecturers and Q & A partners. What did their words do in your life and heart? “See” you again tomorrow.