Woman of the Cloth

Contemporary Stoles to Enliven Worship

Contact Information

Hi. I’m Sandy Johnson, the Woman in Woman of the Cloth. I make simple stoles using fabulous fabrics. I search for bold, beautiful textiles that reflect the seasons, moods, and themes of worship and ritual, often in unconventional ways. Then I tailor them carefully so that they are fully reversible. Every stole has two gorgeous fabrics plus a layer of interfacing (like what is used in the lapels and collars of well-made suits and jackets), so that it hangs evenly and keeps its shape. My technique? Cut it straight, sew it straight, iron it flat. It really is that simple – and after more than 1700 stoles, I’m pretty good at it <grin>.

Come visit my table at the Festival or go to my Etsy shop (WomanoftheClothShop.etsy.com) to find a stole that speaks to you.