Third Day Highlights at the 2021 Festival

Our morning began with an interactive map where participants could drop a pin sharing where they were joining us from. This map isn’t complete yet, but we wanted to share this current view as a work in progress. Watch for a chance to add yourself to this map during tomorrow’s opening sessions.

Speakers today shared resources like Lisa Cressman’s downloadable PDF available with a sign-up at this link, a chart from Jana Childers’ session available here, and a poem from Sister Simone that you can view here.

Our animal companion highlight of the day was a curious cat and kitten who intently listened in to Bishop Yvette Flunder’s sermon during worship this morning.

Now, let’s take a closer look at today’s events.

Bishop Yvette Flunder got us off to an amazing start this morning and had us on the edge of our seats with her sermon “Are You Ready For the Second Book of Acts?”

And on FaceBook:

Will H. Willimon’s lecture “Future Preaching: Whatever God Wants To Say and However God Wants to Say It” on our Premium Access left us with these memorable quotes.

And on FaceBook:

Miguel De La Torre brought his own embodied experience to a CHALLENGING text: 

Lisa Cressman led us in practicing: writing out the text with your non-dominant hand, questioning the pericope title given by editors, creating a mind map to “sprout” ideas, comic strip, or God diagram.

The wide-ranging dialogue between Dr. Karoline Lewis and Bishop Yvette Flunder began with this declaration:  

While Sister Simone inspired those participating with the Premium access: 

It was a powerful day indeed!